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This kit contains 4 x 3.75 oz sized jars of herbs and coordinating Book of Shadow pages. for each herb. Each month, the box will contain different herbs that are paired together with similar intention or theme.


These sets are great for beginners or seasoned practitioners alike. With a different monthly theme, this is a great way to fill your magical pantry over time. You can refill these jars easily with packaged herbs to ensure better storage and organization. 


Each month will be a different theme/intention box.


Individual jars of herbs are not available at this time - these can only be purchased via kits

Magical Pantry

  • Why won't a discount code work with this product?

    The boxes are already optimized for value. 

  • When can I expect my box?

    Boxes will be mailed out at the begining of the month.  Subscriptions will be priority to mail.

  • Can I cancel my subscription?

    Yes, at anytime, simply email the store at and let us know you would like to cancel your subscription. 

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