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Curiously Curated - Oddity Box


Value of the items in this box is 1.5x the cost, so the minimum value is:  $67.50 


This box features curious, odd, and curio items. This box has a focus on root working. This box will include a variety of unique tools from various paths.  This box will often contain animal curio items. Although we strive for reclaimed and sustainable products, it is not technically Vegan.


Each box in the CC line up typically has the following items:

A crystal

Something that smokes (incense, sage, resin etc)





Each box also includes at least one crafted item from a local artist and one of the items in the box will be exclusive to the CC product (not available for purchase in store or online). 

Oddity Box

Price Options
Oddity A Month
Never miss a box!
$45.00every month until canceled
  • Why won't a discount code work with this product?

    The boxes are already optimized for value due to the fact that the contents are valued at 150% of the price. Hence, the discount is already built into the purchase of this box.

  • When can I expect my box?

    Boxes will be mailed out about the 5th of the month. Any subscriptions started after the 20th of the month will be effective for the next month. 

  • Can I cancel my subscription?

    Yes, at anytime, simply email the store at and let us know you would like to cancel your subscription. 

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